Thursday 28 March 2013

Ancient UFOs of India

Lets start this post with a small assumption. Lets assume that the tales and legends of Ramayana were more of a historical curiosity than mythology. That Ram, Sita and Laxman did spend some 14 years in jungles, and actually covered the entire length of the Indian subcontinent, reached Rameshwaram, prayed to Shiva, and then fought and won the epic war with Ravana. That Ramayana and Ramcharit Manas actually talk of history and not of some mysterious and hypothetical tales, though I personally still believe it to be history itself.

Anyways, having made this small assumption for the non-believers, lets move directly to the day when Rama has just defeated Ravana, the day, we celebrate even today as Dusshehra. Now, Ram was a pious king, so he would have made sure that the bodies of all soldiers were ceremoniously cremated. He also waited for Vibhishana to be crowned king of Lanka, or whatever remained of it. He would have bid adieu to Sugriva, Jamavant, Nala, Neela, and others. All of this could have taken a day, or two, when Rama along with Laxman and Sita would have started back for Ayodhya. All of them reach Ayodhya and the entire town broke into celebrations, the day, we still celebrate as Diwali. Which means, it took all three of them some 18-19 days to travel back. This certainly seems to be a bit far fetched, especially knowing that they crossed sea, and high altitude mountains and dense forests, not to mention they didnt have any maps. How did they do it then? Ramayana mentions a certain Pushpak Vimana, but could they fly in those days?

Year:1895;Place:Chowpatty, Mumbai
A mid-size crowd which included come general public, certain journalists and government officers waited with bated breath as a Sanskrit scholar by the name of Shivkar Bapuji Talpade performed nothing short of a miracle. Eight years before Orville Wright proved that it was possible for a 'manned heavier than air machine to fly', Talpade had created an aircraft designed purely on Vedic writings and had it take off unmanned in full view of the crowd. The aircraft, named Marutsakha-friend of the air, flew some 1500 feet before it came crashing down. The technology used by Talpade, mercury bombardment unit using solar cells, is now being deployed by NASA in building spacecrafts for future

I brought up the above two examples to prove a simple point, our ancient ancestors did have the knowledge and intelligence to be able to build a proper flying manned aircraft, Vimana.

Not only the Ramayana, Mahabharat talks of Krishna fighting in sky with his enemy. Samaragna Sutradhar talks about the semantics of building an aircraft. There are 230 stanzas talking of construction, take-off, cruising, normal and forced landings and even collision with birds. In 1875, Vaimanik Shastra, perhaps the most descriptive of all the texts dedicated to aircraft building was discovered in an ancient Indian Temple. The text was written by Sage Bharadwaj, who is known to have taught neo-modern sciences like aerospace sciences in his Ashrams.

The Vaimanik Shastra comprehensively explains the methods of steering, precautions for long distance travels, and a way to switch from fuel to solar energy. It has diagrams depicting building an aircraft, mentions apparatus which would not catch fire and can sustain at high altitude, and is based completely on verses and stanzas from the Vedas. The fuel used was a "yellowish-white liquid" and the text even talks about combustion engines and pulse-jet engines, a technology which was discovered not a long time ago. As per the text, there are 32 secrets which a pilot needs to learn and such a pilot could fly a plane, immobilize a plane, make his plane invisible to others and even destroy enemy planes.

There seems to be no doubt that Vimanas were powered by some sort of "anti-gravity." Vimanas took off vertically, and were capable of hovering in the sky, like a modern helicopter.

 It is interesting to note, that the Nazis developed the first practical pulse-jet engines for their V-8 rocket "buzz bombs." Hitler and the Nazi staff were exceptionally interested in ancient India and Tibet and sent
expeditions to both these places yearly, starting in the 30's, in order to gather esoteric evidence that they did so, and perhaps it was from these people that the Nazis gained some of their scientific information.

A piece of writing was found recently, at Easter Island near South America. The writing,still undeciphered is strikingly similar to texts found in Mohenjo Daro civilizations. Ramayana and other ancient texts related to Rama also talk of flying Vimanas to far lands in the pursuit of strengthening their military warfare.

Rig Veda and Yajur Veda comprise of hymns which talk in detail about Vimanas. The difficulty which scientists face today is the mention of a number of alloys and metals, which the historians are not able to decipher and understand.

I have often seen people wondering and even laughing at such knowledge, claiming it all to be nothing but a hypothetical imagery of ancient science. Why would ancient Indians not publish all this knowledge and keep it to themselves? The reason was pretty simple, and understandable. The knowledge was highly futuristic, and dangerous if fell into the wrong hands.It was for this reason that the knowledge was never published and was  taught to a specific group of students.

Needless to say, Indian ancient science was one of the most advanced, and highly futuristic, even when measured against today's parameters. This was the land of great intellectuals and philosophers. The various dynasties and empires which ruled India, robbed Indians off the intent to think beyond the obvious. The knowledge of the Vedas, the intelligence of the ancient Indians, is still out there, all around us. The reason, why Vedas should be considered more than religious books, and be rightfully called the powerhouse of knowledge.

With that I wish to end this post. The intelligence of ancient Indians, and the knowledge of Vedas, something I am a huge fanboy of. Would like to touch more of such sciences in coming posts. Thanks again for all the appreciation shown in terms of comments, page views and likes on FB. Your appreciation keeps me going.

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  1. dude ... every post is interesting then the previous one ... nice ... very nice...

    1. Thanks for the prompt reply!!!!
      And Thanks for liking the post

  2. The Ancient Indians were very highly advanced in all fields/sciences! We need to unearth and rediscover this treasure hidden in the ancient texts! Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful piece of information!!

    1. Namaste Rajlakshmi,
      The only problem which modern people face is deciphering the meaning of a number of terms and compunds. Ancient Indians hoped to keep the knowledge safeguarded by not writing and only teaching it verbally, but thats what keeps us away from using them

  3. Ancient Indians were definitely much more advanced than what we are today...Everyone must have seen(in Ramayana/Mahabharata) those Arrows(Teer)which they use to shot from their crossbow in case of a battle etc..if all that was true..they were nothing less than a targeted missiles!!
    Nice Article Sapan :)

    1. And no only arrows, the solar eclipse being done by Krishna, Hanuman flying all the way to get Sanjivani, these were nothing short of miracles...and our ancient Indians would have had the knowledge to perform these miracles

      Thanks for liking the article Varun :)

  4. The only problem due to which our highly skilled ancient Indians didnt quite achieve even a bit of what they could have is the fact that there has always been a contradictory section of pessimists and non-believers in India, who opposed every potential discovery/invention in the light of their own orthodox and superstitious attitude towards life. This section has always been present and it has sucked the blood out of what could have been a gigantic turnaround for the Indian scientists, leaving our nation bereft of everything it could have boasted of..

    1. Very valid point....Even today if you start taking up these topics and the knowledge of the Vedas, people are out there trying to brand all of this hypothetical and laugh at your perspective...Sad, but true

  5. Ancient Indians had life span of more than 1200 years(say rishi,muni,hanumaan) which is proved true after decoding DNA which can predict disease & by treating can over come the disease ,by decoding DNA we can stop ageing ,with DNA study nobody will fell ill hence can live more then 1200 years

    1. And this is what people termed as Amrit...these are not figments of imagination, these are mere realities and lying all around us

  6. Great article! Considering all the greed, power and warmongering by a minority group of tyrannical despots (illuminate??), I'm rather thankful that this knowledge has been 'lost', disregarded and/or unused because there is enough destruction taking place on the planet today. I have no doubt, once the global consciousness rises above debased values of greed, lust, power and warmongering and our focus shifts towards true brotherhood, these 'lost' teachings of the ancients will be restored, and have a beneficial impact on all mankind, not just a select few ....

    1. I dont think any one else would have pondered this thought after reading the post...and I must say that is a very valid thought. Imagine, so much power...power enough to rule the world, or even destroy the world. We are never short of people like these, and till these people get numbered, its better if all the knowledge remains hidden from view

  7. Again great article very well described to length and depth. Many of these things Science talking today were present in Ancient India, be it IVF technique used in Dwaaper yug (The Mahabharata actually describes how Vedavyas created the Kauravas from a single embryo from Gandhari"). Surgery was well used in olden days (Sushruta Samhita) which are known as science’s invention.
    The economics, state affairs and military techniques of Gupta Samrajya (Kautilya’s Arthshastra)

    we need to educate people about these greatest glory and past on Ancient India

    1. Namaste Sandeep
      And who knows, we are actually able to propel our vehicles using some renewable source of energy....The problem is people are too fascinated by western culture to proudly accept our own history

  8. The science in ancient India was very advance but we have never acknowledged in our history books.A very well researched and written.Keep it up.

    1. Thanks Saurabh for the prompt feedback. Whenever and wherever politics gets involved, knowledge is bound to suffer

  9. Namaste Sapan !!!

    Great post once again.

    The only thing i would to say is that we had all these techniques and was not given to us by aliens, than shouldn't we omit the phrase " ufo's of ancient india" from the title.... just a viewpoint...

  10. Namaste Divya!!!
    Thanks a lot for appreciation...
    You can blame me partially for selecting the title. I just thought it to be more appealing and thus selected the same.

  11. An article with a clear insight. The reason why the later day Indians lost their ground on Science and Technology is that instead of renouncing the bad qualities he renounced the virtuous ones while accruing more bad ones. They became so materialistic so much so to hate his fellow Indians of their growth. They exploited and made slaves of the once highly respectable womenfolks resulting in the loss of radiance. As the end result he lost all knowledge that was holy and scientific. One would like to recall the words of Sri Abdul Kalam about the knowledge Hyder Ali possessed to produce rockets.

    1. Namaste !
      Thanks a lot for liking the article!!
      I personally believe, till we had the reigns of pious kings and Vedic sages, everything was great!!! The Ram-Rajya.
      As sages gained power, they became arrogant, not wanting any other caste to practice religion without their permission. The kings, on the other hand grew more lusty, addicts, and lazy. Wars and acts of deception took place of what earlier was peace and harmony.
      Further intrusions robbed us of any remaining self respect that we could have.
      In modern times, it feels nice, and a bit of optimistic that the knowledge is still out there somewhere

  12. Nice article....Rather than calling it ancient UFOs of it ancient Technologies of India...But still, we cannot be sure about the real History of India or the world...
    Are we so much advanced and ancient race, or we have some sort of communication with aliens, or its plain mythology coming out of some genius mind, whatever be the case, it inspire us, make us feel proud to be a part of this.
    Keep penning. :)

    1. Mamaste!!!
      Thanks for liking the post!!
      Divya asked the same question in a comment above, and I must admit its a slightly incorrect title, but I though it was more appealing.
      And such tales definitely inspire us, and we feel optimistic that such divine knowledge is still out there somewhere in our own land.

      I dont think any other land is such rich in tales and legends as the Indian subcontinent. Even tales of ancient Egypt and Rome are full of instances from India. This gives me a reason to believe these are much more than mere figments of imagination.

  13. The modern scientist say to explain the theory of everything, theory of relativity & string theory that everything in this universe can be presence many where at a time. For example, an electron of an atom appears in difference places in a single time, because it travels in different dimension beyond of our concept. Now, here I mean to say that as per our religious concept if one can gain (Austa Swidhy) then he or she will able to do all this things that means he can be appeared in different places at a time. Actually, as per Sir Albert Einstein there are eleven dimensions in this universe, and then it proves here that previously these things have been quested in our mythology. Because, till now our modern science able to know the 3 nos. of dimensions only that means remaining eights are (8 nos. of Swidhy called Austa Swidhy). Concentrating our mind in wave (hyperspace) we can achieve such powers. One more thing is that 10552 nos. of mantras in our Veda were discovered not invented. For example, in Omkara Parvata at certain place if you stand then a blowing of wind will create a sound like ‘Om’ and that is very powerful. The alphabet OM comes from that Omkara Parvata. If anything wrong, then please keep on discussion because it’s the best way to improve our Hindu concept in wide sense.

  14. Namaste Samir,
    I do not find any wrong idea that you would have put up. All what you say, is surely based on scientific corollaries and certainly can be proved.
    The problem is, writing or saying these things get you branded ad "religious" or "Hindu-fanatic" or "Hindu fanboy". Its very easy to brand someone with a blanket term without even reading whats written inside. The 8 dimensions that you talk about will surely be discovered one day, but will only be accepted if some scientist or a PHD discovers it, not if it comes out of some ancient text

  15. ur bog is good. I m a science student n mostly study atom. u know who brahma, vishni, mahesh is? If u all know u can understan the power and knowledge in ancient india. different pics of trinity god means different, pure science, temple structures of south n north are all based on pure scientific facts. if u know all this gud else try to use ur brain. for that study quanum mechanics, physics, nuclear science. u will realize ki "india ke pass kya kamaak ki knowledge thi, jise padker bahar ke scientist noble prize le gaye, aur aaj hum unhen founder of dat technology mante hai"

    India is great. i love my country.

    1. Namaste,
      I would definitely love to hear more from you, would love to listen to views of a person who thinks so much about the country we live in.
      Thanks a lot for liking the blog. I share the same views as yours about India and being Indian. How our knowledge was stolen, and remodelled into a very refined form by scientists of other countries, and now we call them great, is really unfortunate.
      Do, read the other posts of this blog and I would love to know your views

  16. Hi Sapan

    thing is the facts i know or some other know do not share or publish because our country is a religious country. I do believe in GOD, in my opinion a Big-Bang theory can not create every thing from matter to humans. Every thing in this world in so defined, finely tunned, and have laws that when we use those pre-descriobed or pre-written laws we get great success (from a typewriter to computer | from car to space-craft). Thing is dat people around us are not ready n not willing to listen anything abt a relation between GODs and Science. If we will talk it will lead to religious roits or somethin like dat. GOD is there its a universal truth but whom we consider GOD has any reason?
    Why ancients gave us pictures of GODs in the way we worship them today?
    how they had nuclear power? (answer is in front of us but we dont know)
    how they studied planets?
    why temples are build the way they are?

    these are questions we shld ask n trust me answer is in front of us.

    At the end i would like to say i love to be anonymous cuz i don't want to be known for what i know. the idea of mine is not to get publicity or t be called great thinker. The pure idea is to share and spread the knowledge i gathered over knowledge. For ur info i m M.Tech. in Microelectronics so i have studied physics, chemistry n specially about quantum theoies alot.

    n i can spread that knowledge anonymously. who ever ant to take credit should take n can be called a great thinker. Atleast i have spread the idea n facts thats important for me.

    1. Namaste,
      I appreciate your thoughts and valuable comments.
      I like to keep the two concerns separate. I mean something like an ancient Vimana or Sanskrit doesnt have attachment to any one particular religion. Each religion may have symbols and signs which may point to something great, which their ancestors would have planned to give to their future generations. However our sciences were highly coupled with our religion in ancient India. Maybe thats why some like to relate the two. In my opinion, they are completely different.

      That you want to spread the ideas and information is great, that you want to be anonymous is strictly your personal choice. I would love to read what you think about this blog and the posts

  17. Hey ur blog is good because its spreading acheivements of our ancient india and how others invented new tech things after reading our old vedas, puraans and many other books.

    Religion and Science are two different things u r correct. But Gods in Hindu religion and science are same. Trust me u all out there have to do some real reading of science as well as puraans, vedas and use ur brain.

    Sapan my new friend let me give u one example,
    Why we worship Sun?
    Because Sun is the source or life. If sun is there life on earth is possible (i wont say life is not possible without sun but dats not too easy then or may be it will lead to new evolution). So we worship Sun as SURYA DEVTA.

    See first we have to believe our ancient mythological books. Read them not as they are but with a view to understand the hidden meaning or hidden concept.

    There is a difference between Devta, Bhagwaan, Eshwar, Permeshwar, Atma, Paramaatma. If you know the meaning you can understand there exact meaning.

    Have you noticed ever we always call Vayu Devta, Agni Devta, Surya Devts, Jal Devta, Ann(Food) Devta. Why we not call them bhagwaan.

    So there are many concepts which when combine together you will understand Religion and Science are different right. But Gods and Science are much much similar.

    And The one who is above Religion, Science, Gods is Ultimate GOD (Parameshwar) with Ultimate Soul (Paramaatma).
    (as we living beings have aatma/soul or energy.)

    There is no need to prove that india had great knowledge about nuclear theory, atoms, efficient fuels because answer is in front of us everyday we see it, worship it, beleive it but in studies we never study it.
    Follow things not cuz its paramparaa or something instead try to analyze things the follow it.

    At last 'Dharm' means laws of nature
    Nature laws means laws of universe and Karma
    The one who follows these laws is Dharmik,
    and the one who does not follow these laws is Adharmi.

    Dharmik or Adharmi has nothing to do with worshiping a religion.

    now u must have got a clue why i dont want to have my own blog on this. Better to stay anonymous.

    take care...

    1. Namaste
      I dont say that science and religion are different. I say i wanted to keep the concerns separate and deal with it. Though at times, I have tried to mix them up, something which even our sages had attempted and succeeded. But, I like to treat them separately quite often simply because with one set of mind it is easy to write someone off or brand someone as a "fanatic". This simple thing I didnt want to happen with this blog.
      See, non-believers will always be there no matter how hardly you convince them, and believers will always be there no matter how much doubt you try to seep in. But the fence-sitters(which is a majority), goes by the popular opinion rather than forming their own. And I wanted to give this opportunity to form an opinion about the blog to these people, rather than someone coming and typecasting it.

      Your thoughts and concepts are well-defined and clear. I like to think on the same lines as you. Maybe thats why I sometimes face very aggressive non-believers because they desparately want to put you down. But if our mind is clear of any doubt and our approach radical and straight, I dont think its any harm writing a blog or speaking to the world

  18. Agar Dharm ka matlab galat samjha jaata ho aur kisi bhi action/thought ko dharm se jod dia jaye to uska asli matlab samajhna ya badalna bahut bahut mushkil ho jata hai.

    Jaisa ki suna hoga aksar ki "aapne humari dharmik aastha ko thes pahunchai hai"
    aur by default aap un religion/community ke dushman ghoshit kar diye jaate ho.

    Isliye jo bhi main bolna chahta hun wo bahut saare logon ko pasand nahin ayega. Bhadwaan hain
    1. Bhagwaan kan kan mein hain
    2. Bhagwaan har jagha vidhyamaan hain

    in dono ka matlab alag hai lekin ise samjhana bahut mushkil hai.

    Ancient beleived that sprituality is the way to explore science.

    1. I quite agree to your last statement and this is evitable in the fact that most of the intellectuals of those times, be it Charaka, Sushruta, Bharadwaj, etc were all sages

  19. First of all I would like to congratulate you on the wonderful blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your posts. However, In this I would like to differ on one point that you have mentioned concerning Talpade. Yes, there are reports that he made a prototype based on teachings of Subbarāya Shāstry but that claim has been debunked by our very own India Institute of Science, Banglore, which raised serios doubts on the technical feasibility of such aircraft.
    Kindly have a look here:


    1. Namaste Shreyansh,
      And again, the same technology is now being used by NASA scientists in their spacecrafts. A myth is a myth till it is proven to be a fact