Monday 19 August 2013

The Deal

"And we plan to build everything which would make this school the best of all available choices in the city. We will have night classes for the elderly, which of course, would be free of cost.". He paused for a moment to catch his breath and glanced at his cell phone for the time. He was speaking since 2 hours flat. He took a long breath and looked across at the silhouettes of all the people sitting in the room, their shaped being illuminated by the light of the projector
"Next to the school", he continued, "will there be Sanjeevani hospital where we aim to build up the most qualified and experienced team of medics in the entire state" He paused for a second,"With that I would like to wrap up our proposal.". He switched on the lights of the room

"Mr Suryavanshi", the man sitting across the long table,spoke after what seemed to be a few seconds,"I have been through some 10-12 presentations by various companies since we announced the construction of Dhanush-Koti township in Janakipuram. Yours is the one in which I see a lot of potential to collaborate together to develop Dhanush Koti. But I find myself in a tricky situation here before accepting your proposal"
"And what would that be?"
"We planned to develop on the barren land lying in the central Janakipuram area. In your proposal you have also included the Shivpuri region's land."
"But isnt that also the land of the government? Whats the point of a township with a slum on two of its sides?"
Rajarshi Yogi cleared his throat,"Thats how things are here, Mr Suryavanshi. We are not in a position to remove the slum."
"Well then lets talk to someone who is."
"Things are not the same here as in your area, Mr Suryavanshi. The area is under the constituency of Shivaji Bhargava, and we have tried to persuade him a number of times. All efforts were fruitless."
"Shivaji Bhargava! Wasnt he the protege of Paras Kulhari, leader of Shiv Shakti party? "
"You bet he was. But that was a long time ago. He has risen up the party ranks much faster and aggressively than others."
"In that case, we would like to meet him once, say, the next week?"
"I will arrange for the meeting, if you say. But he is a tough man to persuade and hates Corporates for their indifference towards common people. Be prepared to face rejection."
"We will see to that.", he said, standing up and started to leave,"See you next week."

Raghava opened the cuffs of his shirt and folded them up. He loosened his tie lazily and as he was about to sit in the car along with Anuj, they heard a soft female voice from behind,"Excuse me, Mr Suryavanshi"
Raghav turned around to see Bhumi Yogi, daughter of Rajarshi standing near them. She was wearing a black coat over her white shirt, with a matching pleated skirt
"Yes, Miss Yogi? How can I help you?"
"I really liked the proposal Mr Suryavanshi. The human touch that you have added is really marvellous .I hope you are able to break the Dhanush-Koti deal. It would be a pleasure to work with you."
"Same here, Miss Yogi."
"Well you can call me Bhumi."
"Then call me Raghav, Bhumi."
"Well, Raghav", she said extending her hand,"All the best!"
Raghav shook her hand,"Thanks a lot!", and sat in the car. Bhumi came towards the open window of Raghav and lowered her head,"Try to visit those slums. Votes are the lifeline of a politician. Good bye!", she said and walked away
Raghav smiled and turned his car towards Shivpuri area.

Raghav switched on the light and looked straight at the tall man in white kurta pyjama sitting next to Rajarshi. "And this is how we plan to build Dhanush-Koti in Janakpuri and Shivpuri areas."
Lines of irritation seemed to appear on Shivaji Bhargava's face as he looked at Rajarshi,"Is that it? You called me here for 'this'? I cancelled an all party meeting just because you wanted to hold an important discussion around Shivpuri. And you called me in here for this buffoonery?"
"Sir", interrupted Raghav. "There are certain points we wanted to discuss in the proposition."
Shivaji Bhargava stood up."There is no proposition and certainly no discussion." He turned towards Rajarshi, his voice full of irritation,  "Why did you call to waste my time if you already knew my answer"
"Sir, actually Mr Suryavanshi wanted to meet you.", Rajarshi fumbled for words.
"And you called me here to watch this mockery?" Shivaji was fuming with anger.
"Mr Bhargava", said Raghava calmly,"Mr Yogi called you on my insistence. You can talk directly to me."
"There is nothing to talk about. I wouldnt allow Shivpuri to be removed."
"Lets at least discuss about this plan."
"There is no plan", said Shivaji in a grave serious tone, putting weight behind each of his word. "The entire township is anti-poor. You are going to take away their homes."
"To give a better, well constructed home. A better locality, better infrastructure. What are they living currently in? A slum!"
"At least they have a home now. Your townships and your schemes will deceive them off their homes."
"Mr Bhargava, we will develop exactly as we have proposed, and the poor will only benefit with better homes, better education, free medication, and job opportunities."
"Dont give me your management junk, Raghav Suryavanshi. I have slain scores of corporates before you. Your sweet coated talks wont work on me. You are too stupid to think that you will succeed"
"Mr Bhargava", Anuj snapped before Raghava could speak,"I think you should watch your words."
"The irony! I am called to waste my precious time and I need to learn my manners too."
"More than that, you need to learn to listen. Whats wrong if your people go on to have a better life. Their children may not have to work and they get to study. No more deaths out of negligience?"
"Since when did corporates become such emotional for common people?", said Shivaji mockingly.
"I think you didnt hear properly what my brother said. We will provide job opportunities to them and not our sympathies"

"And that would be a hole in your profit margins! Why would you do that? Why would a corporate do that?"
"Why would we do it?", said Anuj."I dont fathom you watch much of national news, do you? The Suryavanshis have always been known to be supportive of the poor and the oppressed!"
Shivaji Bhargava looked straight at Anuj,"If I were to believe the news, Suryavanshis of Ayodhya are the most notorious goons of the entire area, and even police and bureaucrats are powerless in front of them. Tell me Anuj Bhargava, how much blood do you have on your hands?".
"We help those who do not get the support they deserve from their very own elected people. We help those who expect us to help them when they are turned away by the very police and bureaucrats you talk about"
"Almost running a parallel government? What the hell you think you are? Some messiah?"

Bhumi looked at Raghav signalling  him to intervene.
"And what does Mr Shivaji Bhargava believe in?", said Anuj,"Suck the blood of the voters? Let them live and die in slums, till its not affecting the vote bank? Neither do anything nor let anyone do anything, right? You keep them poor for your selfish benefits Shivaji Bhargava! How much blood do I have on my hands? You removed the entire family of the person that killed your father!"

"How dare you speak of my father?"
"Why, Mr Bharhava? Because they feared your father would become the leader of the workers? The reason why you hate Corporates? You killed all the 21 members of their family?"
Shivaji was fuming with anger,"That has got nothing to do with this."
Raghav signalled everybody with his hand,"Calm down, gentlemen. I think the meeting is going out of control,. Lets keep matters unrelated to this meeting away as much as possible. We are here for a purpose, and let us get over it". He turned to Shivaji,"Sir, I very well know all you want is that the poor people of Shivpuri dont lose their homes.What if the people of Shivpuri themselves would want to be a part of Dhanush Koti township?"
"What do you mean?", asked Shivaji, his face still hard
 Raghav took out a few pages from his bag, walked over to Shivaji and kept them in front of him.
"Signature of each and every member of Shivpuri. They are with us in developing this township. I hope you will adhere to their wishes."
Shivaji studied the papers for a few minutes as the lines of his forehead started to disappear. He then spoke in a low tone. "If the people want it this way, I dont think I should interfere with their wishes. Are the papers of this deal ready?"
Rajarshi presented the file before him. Shivaji studied and signed the papers. He then looked at Raghav.
"The papers have been signed. You can go ahead with the plan. However, there is still one condition on which I can give it to you."
"Whats that?", asked Raghav.
"Mr Anuj Suryavanshi will apologize to me right now."
Everyone turned to Anuj whose eyes were red with anger.
"Say sorry, and take these papers away.", said Shivaji with a smirk.
Raghav moved over and kept his hand on Anuj's shoulder."Anuj, Mr Bhargava is elder to us and is a responsible and respected citizen of the state. Please say sorry to him."
Anuj looked at Raghav who smiled back to him. "Come on, say sorry. We must learn something from his experience."
Anuj took a deep breath and looked at Shivaji,"I am sorry!"
"Mention not", replied Shivaji with a straight face. He turned to Rajarshi,"All the best with the project. I hope you will take care of the residents of the slum as you have promised.", he said and walked away.

"I think you handled it pretty well", said Bhumi to Raghav as they sipped coffee in the office cafeteria.
"I think your idea worked! Thanks for the hint!"
"What hint?", she asked raising her brows as both of them broke into a laughter.
"Listen, we are planning a party celebrating the launch of Dhanush-Koti and I would really like if you come", said Bhumi
"Of course. What else do you like?"
"Lets say a nice Italian dinner with a great company"
Raghav smiled as he put his cup down and looked at her. "I will pick you up at 7:00"

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  1. Shivaji Bhargava....hmmmm
    I see what you are trying to hint... Good one

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  3. Nice twist and turn excellent transformation

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  4. For those who asked me a complete list of all symbols touched upon, here is the list:
    Raghav Suryavanshi = Ram
    Rajarshi Yogi = King Janak(He was known as Rajarshi and was a Yogi)
    Shivaji Bhargava = Parshuram(Shivaji-his God, and Bhargava his lineage)
    Paras Kulhari = Parsuram's weapon and also symbol
    Shiv Shakti party = Devotee of Lord Shiva
    Anuj = Laxman
    Bhumi Yogi = Sita
    "Signature,township and last line symbolize very meekly, the Swayamvar of Sita, "BREAKING THE DHANUSH-koti" deal by Rama.
    “You removed the entire family of the person that killed your father!" = entire kshatriya clan was killed by Parsuram
    21-the number of times Parshuram killed Kshatriya

    And of course, the backbone of this chapter, the Dual between Anuj and Shivaji is actually the dual between Laxmana and Parsuram during Swyamavar where Laxman aplogoises in the end on being asked by Rama