Saturday 3 June 2017

Short Story Contest powered by Half Baked Beans- Attraction

The team at Half Baked Beans hosted UNNS-The Captivation inspired short story contest. The theme was to write one story each on the seven stages of love.

Here is the winning entry on the first stage of love-Attraction by Pragati Aharwar.

A Monday morning, finally she would be able to see him. The love of her life, the whole and soul, without who she will just die; that’s what she thinks. Kaveri, who was name after the name of a river, she fell in love at first sight with Sagar which means sea. She always says that I’m a river and someday eventually I’ll be with the sea. Kaveri was totally infatuated by her senior in college. She can never forget the day that changed her life. She would go to college by bus.  It was a usual day, she board the bus and grabbed a window seat. As usual, she started talking to the person sitting next to her. She could talk about anything and everything, no matter whom she talking to. And then her stop came and she got up. As she was trying to get out from the bus suddenly her leg slipped and she was about to slip when a hand clutched her hand. The person with the hand guided her the way out, and asked, ‘Are you alright?’, “Yes”, that was all she could say that time. The talkative girl, non-stop chattering girl, who can deliver a whole essay for a question, ‘what’s your name?’, she could only utter a yes in front of that guy, she was lost in those big dark brown dazzling eyes of his.

That day she was lost somewhere, she knew something was wrong with her. The next day she saw him again, and remembered that he comes daily in the same bus that she boards, daily. It’s just that she noticed him now. That day she took out all information about him; his name, class, subjects, college timing, projects, likes, dislikes, sports team, friends, everything that she could find out. The best of the information was that he was single and a year senior from her. Now she would stalk him, give him blank calls, dress a little much to impress him, laugh a little louder for him to listen, be more crazy around him; everything, just to impress him and get his attention.

Today is the going to be most important day in her life. Today is Valentine’s Day, today she is going to confess her feelings to him. She had prepared for the day from like a month. She wasn’t good in drawing still she made a card by looking a video online. She repeated the lines that she was going to say to him in her mind, she wanted the day to be memorable for him as well; she wanted it to be perfect. She dressed in a red dress, his favorite color, bought a bouquet of red roses with fragrance which she liked. It was 1 o’clock, normally Sagar would be in cafeteria at this hour she thought and started walking towards cafĂ©. She was about to enter when she saw almost whole college was gathered there. She made her way in, and what she saw was definitely a memorable moment.
The cafeteria was decorated with red roses and red and white balloons, a beautiful romantic track by Atif was playing in the background, there was a cake on one table, a basket full of chocolates, and a tub of chocolate ice-cream. Some people were standing with cards which said, will you be my valentine?

She was thinking how lucky the girl is to get such a proposal and then a next thought came in her mind what a waste, ’I wish someone would propose with a library full of books which aren’t read by me, and chocolates of course.’ A loud cheer stopped her chain of thoughts, she saw the girl. She was dressed in a brown dress; her black eyes complemented her fair skin and pink lips. She was looking like a diva. Then kaveri saw someone to go on knees before that diva, she looked at him, and saw those dazzling eyes, those eyes were stuck on that girl. She looked at that girl, had a close look, enough that she could take a picture of her in her eyes. The bouquet and the card slipped from her hand, and she ran towards the washroom. She was staring herself in the mirror, she had black eyes, skin complexion a little darker than brown, she wears spects but today she wore her lenses, she doesn’t like to wear makeup still she did her eyes her lips, and everything girls do these days for makeup. But there was a lot difference in her and that girl. That girl was pretty, but she was not. She cried till her makeup washed away with the tears and them she left.

Arnav, he was going out of the cafeteria as he was bored by the drama, when she noticed a bouquet and card lying down on the floor. He put them up, and walked out of the college. He took out one rose, put it in his bag, and gave the rest to a little girl down the road. He opened the card which looked like it was made by a kid, but then he turned a page where some words were written in a beautiful handwriting, and then he got to know, the card wasn’t made by a kid, but a beautiful girl with a heart of a kid. He smiled, because he guessed he was in love at first poetry.

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