Wednesday 7 February 2018

Short review of The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Divakaruni

After reading an ass of a book named Asura, first Chanakya's Chant and then this really brought my spirits up.

History has never been kind to women. Its never too easy to be called the reason behind a war which was all about male warrior ego, ambitions, righteousness, , loyalty, a war which was bound to happen no matter what. Its infuriating why would Draupadi's comment be called the reason for Mahabharat when Duryodhan was merely waiting for an opportunity.

The writer has done a tremendous job in weaving a story all from female perspective. Not only Draupadi, the story follows all the female characters in Mahabharat. Some very critical events are just mentioned merely because they didn't have any woman involved, while few very unimportant ones are elaborated because it involved either Draupadi or Kunti. The writer must be applauded for the same.

I didnt particularly like the Draupadi-Karna love angle, but to be fair to Draupadi, she was in a tight spot the moment she was married, so that angle does bring out her sensitive side.

Pandavas are shown weak, which is fair as they were not really Gods. Krishna is portrayed brilliantly, an air of mysticism around him, just as you would want him to be.

This by far was the best I have read on mythological fiction. The writer never changes the story or characters as per her needs, yet weaves excellent fiction around them.

Rating 5/5

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