Friday 31 March 2017

7 Stages of Love-Unns(Short Story)

"And that lady, you see there? The one wearing black with a little girl by her side? She comes here once every week. The little girl is least interested and tries to run around on the grass, but her mother always manages to pull her back. One candy outside the gates is enough to bribe the little one.", he giggled and looked next to him while seated on one corner of the bench. Not getting any reaction back, he nodded his head.

"Angry? Aren't you? Come on, after all this time? Speak up something.", he insisted as she was still sitting silently on the other side of the bench.
"You came to meet me after so long. The last time we fought I almost thought you would never want to see me again or talk to me. And here you are, spoiling a fine colorful day sitting here and just not talking to me at all.", he said as she started sobbing quietly.

"No, no. Please don't cry. I am sorry, I shouldn't have spoken such a thing.", he said, concerned, looking at her as she looked away from him and kept crying.
He took a deep breath. "Sometimes, I wonder, if we can get another chance to meet for the first time, the first dates, the first kiss. I wonder if one day we could play it all back. One day, we can fall in love with each other again. Without any presumptions, without any conditions. Another chance to fall in love with you.", he smiled.

"I know my words wont reach your heart after what I did to our relationship. But your being here gives me hope.", he said as she stood up all of a sudden.

"Time to leave already?", he wondered as she looked back.

"Please stay for a few more minutes. You know I wont be able to follow you because of the accident. Please talk to me, I want to listen to you. I promise I wont be in a hurry like always. We have all the time of the world.", he said as she didnt react and kept looking back.

"Please.", he pleaded and started crying himself when he found she wont stay any longer.
She took the flower wreath held in her hand and kept it on the grave. Without looking back, she continued walking as he wept alone on the bench.

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