Wednesday 29 March 2017

7 stages of love-Hub(Short Story)

As he sat on the wooden seat, he noticed his laces are opened. He looked around to check if someone else has noticed the same but found others were busy looking ahead. He twisted his leg around and slowly tried to move his hands reach the laces, making sure he makes minimal adjustment to his body visible to others. It was the first time he was seeing those faces and he didn't want to be the center of attention for nothing. In spite of stretching his hands and twisting the entire leg, he wasn't able to reach towards his shoe. After a few futile efforts, he leaned towards his right in trying to hide his body from the view of others. His fingers now barely touched the laces. As he leaned further, his elbow touched the girl sitting on the right.
"What are you doing?", she looked at him, furious.
"Nothing!", he said, shocked at her sudden reaction as he stopped leaning.
"You are disturbing me since last five minutes.", she said, still furious.
"Sorry, my laces are open. I was trying to tie them up."
"Why cant you wait for the break?"
"If someone sees my laces open, what will they think?"
"No one even knows our name. What will they think?", she asked confused.
"You wont understand. Its not smart to have your laces open. How would you know when your shoes have straps?", he said as she made a face.
"Fine, I wont tie my laces before the break. Let others think what they want.", he said and went back to his initial posture.
All of a sudden, her pen slipped from her grip and fell down. She adjusted herself as she went down for the pen.
"What are you doing now?", he asked.
"My pen fell down. How would I write?", she made a face again as he kept quiet.
As she got up in a few seconds, she smiled at him. He looked surprised as she moved her eyes to point down. He saw his laces tied up.
"Thanks.", he smiled nervously.
"I know, you didn't know how to do it.", she said and smiled back.
"The two of you!", the lady in the front shouted, "If I see you talking again, you are out of the class.", she said as she looked back into the book kept on the table, titled, "World of plants for Class 2."

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