Friday 14 April 2017

7 Stages of Love - Ibadat(Short Story)

"I have great respect for you, Uda Bhavat, and consider you next to only my mother. But what you say today about my wife crosses the fine line of the respect and honour of our royal family."
"Devar Sa, if you dont believe me, why dont you ask Padmini? She has been with her since childhood and was sent here to accompany her.", she turned to Padmini. "Padmini, tell him the truth. Do not fear  and reveal what you know."
"Bhoj Raj Sa!", she stumbled and stuttered.
"Padmini! Tell me the truth!", ordered Bhoj Raj, his eyes fiery red with anger.
"I have heard her singing...", she paused.
"Singing what?", he was furious as Padmini shivered with fear.
"Singing songs of love, songs of affection.", she said.
"Devar Sa!", Udabai interrupted. "Now do you trust me? The honor of your family is in imminent danger. I have even seen random men entering her room. Taking undue advantage of her powerful hold on the subjects, she entertains men in her chambers."
"Uda Bhavat!", he was shaking with anger, "If what you say is true, I will chop her head off to protect the honor of my family and heritage.
Bhoj Raj went to his chambers out of fury and looked at the wall in front. He reached for a long case and pulled out his heavy sword in a flash. He went back to Udabai.
"I will kill her for all the dishonor to my family and the deception that I faced because I trusted her.", he said out of fury and stormed towards her room. As he neared her room, he heard her sweet voice singing a love song with occasional carefree giggles.
Swollen with hatred for his wife, he tore into her room as she turned around with a jerk, her singing stopped.
"Where is he?", he asked out of ferocity.
"Where is who?", she asked calmly.
"The one you were singing the love song for?", he asked.
She broke into giggles again. "He is everywhere. He is my love and all around me."
"Where is he right now?"
"There he is.", she said pointing towards his back, "The thief of creams, stole my heart.", she said as Bhoj Raj turned around, to find an idol. He turned back at his wife, confused
In that one moment, she looked divine, "Mirabai loves only her Krishna, and as long as she sings, there will be Krishna in those songs"

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