Sunday 16 April 2017

7 Stages of Love- Junoon(Short Story)

"What happened? Why do you look so tense?", he asked as she sat on the chair across him.
"Its nothing.", she said as the waiter presented them with menu cards.
"So, what would you like to have? Your regular Mojito?", she asked putting a smile on her face.
"Tell me whats wrong. You are not your usual self.", he said. As she looked back into the menu he pulled the menu away from her and folded it. He signaled the waiter and gave the orders. The waiter collected the menu back from the table.
"Now tell me, whats wrong?"
"I think someone is stalking me since a few weeks. I think I saw him following me when I was on my way."
"You think it could be him? Now that he is out of jail?", he said thinking over what she said.
"Thats what my first guess was, as well."
"Why dont we complain to police? He tried to attack you once and guess an year worth of jail time wasnt enough for him."
"But, I am not sure it was him, its just a guess. I am scared for you.", she said and put her hand on is.
"Why would you be scared for me?", he smiled at her.
"Those words, and that look in his eyes echo loud in my heart. 'I will finish him and you will never get him.' Thats what he said for you."
"Listen, I am not scared. Lets complain to police anyways.", he said as their coffee arrived.

She opened the door as the bell rang.
"What happened, you called all of a sudden. You look pale."
"Its him, its definitely him. I saw him working as a plumber near the ground floor. That creepy smile that he passed. God! How would I forget that?"
"Did you call the police?"
"He hasnt done anything, What will I report? I am not even sure its him"
"If he is acting creepy, you should report.", he said All of a sudden there was a heavy knock on the door. He looked at her as she appeared scared. He signaled her to wait and opened the door. There was no one outside. As he was closing the soor back, he saw flowers lying on the floor. He picked up the flowers, when he saw a sharp knife. Picking them up, he closed the door behind him.
"What is that? Throw it away, please."
"If he has placed it, these are evidences enough to frame him. Call the police now.", he said as she dialed the number.
"They will arrive in five minutes.", she said as there was another heavy knock on the door. He moved slowly towards the door with the knife in his hands and opened it with a jerk. There was no one as he saw cuttings of newspapers.
"These are news of his arrest published in inner pages of Hindi dailies.", she said as he closed the door and she scanned the papers. All of a sudden, he signaled her to remain quiet and calmly unlocked the door. He stood near the door with the knife as he patiently listened for any noise. All of a sudden his eyes lit up and he opened the door with a jerk.
She screamed out of fear as she saw the familiar face and the creepy eyes. He pushed him inside and ran towards the stairs. They heard the sound of police siren.
"Ask the cops to reach terrace", he said as he dashed out following him. In a few minutes he reached the roof. As he looked around, he saw him standing near the edge smiling at him. He stared at him hard as he came near the edge as well.
All of a sudden, he saw a deep wound on his neck bleeding heavily, as if cut from a knife. In a flash, he jumped off the edge.
He was still in a state of shock as she arrived with the police. She was shocked to see him standing near the edge of the roof. As they looked down, they saw crowd gathering near the dead body of the man. The cop turned towards him, "We arrest you for the murder of that man.", he said and pushed him towards the door of the roof. All his pleas and appeals fell on deaf ears as she remained standing on the roof. Those words were now very clear to her.

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